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In the West of Moscow the bus with passengers crashed into a foreign car
Crimianl: Сентябрь 29, today
In the West of Moscow the bus with passengers crashed into a foreign car
As reported in the press service of the STSI in Moscow a passenger bus collided with a passenger car BMW around 17:00. According to preliminary data, the accident injured the driver of a foreign car. discuss
Kim Kardashian will sue the journalist for a kiss on the cheek
world: Сентябрь 29, today
Kim Kardashian will sue the journalist for a kiss on the cheek
Famous American TV star Kim Kardashian intends to sue the Ukrainian journalist Vitaly Seduce, who publicly tried to kiss her butt cheeks at fashion Week in Paris. discuss
From the traffic police dismissed the detainee for a bribe the head of tracing Department
Incidents: Сентябрь 29, today
From the traffic police dismissed the detainee for a bribe the head of tracing Department
Head of Department of investigation of the special regiment of the state capital, servicing the territory of Moscow, dismissed from the internal Affairs bodies on negative motives. Before the officer had been detained on suspicion in receiving a bribe of 2.5 million rubles. discuss
Finance: Сентябрь 29, today
"Rosneft" demands to collect from RBC of 3 billion rubles for the publication
"Rosneft" asks to collect from RBC reputational damages in the amount of 3,124 billion rubles this was stated by the representative of the oil company at the meeting of the court. The plaintiff said claims and requested the court to satisfy the petition. discuss
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Olga yesterday
Ordered in this firm floating suspended ceiling, turned out awesome!!!! And a luminous strip and a chandelier, all the guys have set. Made in half a day. However such a ceiling is quite expensive. Tha ...

Antonina yesterday
Good company, well done guys. Ceilings made in the entire apartment German. We were warned about the seams on some ceilings, like the German ceilings. The ceilings are gorgeous! Joints is almost negli ...

Galya_Gorodisko 3 days ago

😊We go for the second year. To say that happy - to tell nothing. The son of six years is fully prepared, knows how to add and subtract in my mind to one hundred two-digit numbers. The first ye ...

Irina 3 days ago

Like that master classes for adults. Visited with friends MK scrapbooking, loved it! Satisfied pleasant creative atmosphere, the patience of the teacher, that for two hours bravely answered all our qu ...

Roman_Vladimirovich 17 days ago

All advise to contact the Maxi krayt. Good attitude to the client and quality product. Wait for me again to visit)))

MU CKD V. Voznesenskaya - Labinsk
Thanks for the program "Accessible environment"!For people with limitations is a big plus!They feel more confident and need!

Aurora-Sochi, real estate Agency
Rina, good evening! We have a similar situation with this Agency, I wanted to clarify whether to give you back your money?

Vladimir_Olegovich 7 days ago

Been looking for a company to work on a permanent basis. Many objects which at which from time to time the right material. The company needs a stable because the material is needed urgently. Stumbled ...

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About the city of Krasnodar

Погода в Краснодаре, Краснодарский край В 09:00 на метеостанции (4 км) было +12.6 °C переменная облачность, высокое атмосферное давление, легкий ветер (2 м/с), дующий с юго-запада. В Краснодаре сегодня в 15:00 ожидается +16°C, без осадков, слабый ветер.

The city of Krasnodar until 1920 was called Ekaterinodar. Situated in the southern part of Russia on the coast of the Kuban river and is the cultural and economic center of the North Caucasus and southern Federal districts. The administrative center of Krasnodar Krai, behind the scenes is the southern capital of the Russian Federation.

The ancient history. In antiquity, in the precincts of the modern city, was the ancient city of the Kingdom of Bosporos and fortified the fortress. Archaeological expedition found even today on the territory of the city the remains of ancient FORTS, situated here in the VI century BC and were found of the Neolithic primitive people, older than 22 thousand years. On the ground of Krasnodar there was a castle of the king Arifana involved in the struggle for the throne of the Bosporus. The inhabitants of those times were mostly Scythians, meots and Sarmatians lived here, in the amount of up to about 2 thousand in the city and up to 40 thousand in the district. There was economic relations with the Crimea, the Middle East, Roman and Hellenistic civilizations, and then with the Byzantine Empire.

On 30 June 1792, Empress Catherine II gave the Appointed diploma to the Cossacks, who lived and ministered on this earth. Accordance with the Charter of the Cossacks in perpetuity given the land of the Kuban from the same river to the sea of Azov, and in the East from the mouth of the Elbe river to the town of Yeisk. The next 1793 , the Cossacks founded the city of Ekaterinodar, which was originally a military camp and then a fortress. The city is named in honor of the gift of the great Empress of the Kuban Cossacks. As it happened the first of Yekaterinodar became Daniel Savinovich Volkart and he served until 1795 In 1794, the town conducted a census of Ekaterinodar, which resulted in the city had a population of 586 people, has 9 houses, 75 of 154 houses and dugouts, soon there were 370 yards. The status of a town settlement was named in 1867 Since 1860, Ekaterinodar became the administrative centre of the Kuban region. In the late nineteenth century were laid by the railway of the Northern Caucasus, making the city a major economic, industrial, and transportation center of the North Caucasus.

During the civil war, the town was the southern center of the white movement. In 1918 the city was twice stormed by the armies of the White Guard. 27.03.18 - 31.03.18 this period was the final of the first Kuban campaign, stormed his General Kornilov during the siege died, who took command of General Denikin decided to lift the siege and to withdraw to the don. After 5 months of General Denikin with his volunteer army took the city by storm. March 17, 1920, troops of the 9th army, the red army occupied the city. The government has also made Kuban the Executive Committee and then the Kuban ' revolutionary Committee. In the same year the city was renamed to Krasnodar. On 13 September 1937 the Azov - black sea Krai was divided into the Krasnodar territory and Rostov region, in Krasnodar and Rostov.

During the second world war on 9 August 1942 the town was occupied by army group "A" of the Wehrmacht and in February 1943 the city was liberated by Soviet troops. In the period of Khrushchev's time in 1961 in the city were anti-Soviet riots. And in times of stagnation in 1973 was built the Krasnodar reservoir, for the needs of production and to protect the city from spring floods

Physical-geographical characteristics. Krasnodar is in temperate climate zone, winters are mild and short-term, without much snow. On the contrary summer is hot and long, with frequent anomalous high up to 40 degrees temperature. The city is situated in a seismically active zone, strong earthquakes not happened, because the epicenter is in the Black sea. Krasnodar is located in a favorable position between two warm seas - Azov and Black.

The city is different because the population always grows at the expense of migrant workers and affluent residents of the far North, buying a house here. Krasnodar is a multinational city with a million people. The city's economy is built on tourism and industry and trade. The city forms the largest transport hub. There is an airport and a network of river transport.